London, UK – 20 May 2021
: Holland Mountain, the leading data solutions provider to the Private Capital industry, has announced that its ATLAS data platform now offers an out-of-the-box connector to Microsoft Dynamics 365 – CRM.
This development will enable enhanced dashboard reporting for deal teams, investor relations and fundraising professionals. “We know that a lot of firms are looking to scale their AUM this year, driven by increased investor demand”, said Barney Piggott, CEO at Holland Mountain. “A solution like ATLAS unlocks significant competitive advantage for firms looking to embark on fundraising, as it enables front-to-back reporting and helps keep busy teams focused on value-add activities.”

Developed by Private Capital experts, the ATLAS data platform helps firms to bring all their data into one place, creating a single source of truth for reporting. For investor relations professionals, the announcement of a new connector to Microsoft Dynamics means that CRM data can be combined with fund information to create more comprehensive reports, such as the ‘investor taxi report’ or ‘investor tear sheet’. A typical dashboard might include fund performance, investment positions, key personnel and recent meeting activity.

Without the benefits of a data platform, integrated reports must be created manually, where data is extracted from source systems or Excel, cleansed and then consolidated into a static report that lacks an audit log or version control. With ATLAS; IR and fundraising teams are equipped with a comprehensive view of their investors, ahead of going into update meetings or negotiations.

Firms across the US and Europe are already using the enterprise version of the ATLAS data platform to improve their reporting and analytics, including 2 of the top 5 European GPs and a FTSE100-listed asset manager. With the introduction of a new connector to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Holland Mountain is quickly establishing itself as one of the leading technology and data solutions providers to the Private Capital markets.

About Holland Mountain

Established in 2009, Holland Mountain works exclusively with Private Capital managers, supporting them on their journey to ‘Data as an Asset’. Firms leverage our ATLAS data platform to connect and integrate industry standard solutions, and improve the quality of their analytics and reporting. Managers looking to improve their operating model can leverage our strategic advisory services, systems selection support or implementation services.